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Building a strong customer-centric brand through all steps of the customer journey

Get to know Barkalot

Barkalot is a Stockholm-born, digital dog brand on a mission to reinvent the pet market by creating a strong online pawrent community. Barkalot takes a whole new approach to conscious dog-owning, offering stylish, contemporary pieces that transcend season and lifestyle, and on top of all, are made out of sustainable materials. 

Customer experience doesn't end at check-out

With a strong background in eCommerce, the two founders of Barkalot knew of the importance of investing in post-purchase experience from the very beginning. Barkalot partnered with yayloh to deliver a top-class digital return experience that is both customer-centric and sustainable, two core values for Barkalot. 

The problem

Manual returns
Handling returns manually adds complexity to managing logistics, is time-consuming for retailers and affects team productivity.
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Brand deterioration
Inefficiency during the return process can be worrisome for customers and quickly damage the brand’s reputation.
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Harmful environmental impact
Without the right processes in place, it would become complicated to preserve Barkalot’s sustainability values.

From the outset, the Barkalot team knew that a manually handled return experience could damage the brand’s reputation, decrease customer conversion and loyalty, and harm the environment.

Amelie Westerberg
Co-Founder at Barkalot 

Our mission with Barkalot is to spend our money and time in the right places, by automating our customer journey from start. By setting up yayloh, we will get invaluable insights on areas that need improvement, as well as freeing time from manual handling. Instead, we can use that time to listen, evaluate and improve experiences of our brand and products.

As a 100% online store, Barkalot’s mission when partnering with yayloh was reasonably straightforward: have the right processes in place for their customer support team and avoid unnecessary returns.

From the very outset, one of Barkalot’s mission has been to minimise the number of returns, for two particular reasons: lessen costs and limit their impact on the environment. Thus collecting customer feedback to improve their size guide as well as their products is crucial. 

The yayloh solution: Digital post-purchase platform

When setting up their online store with Shopify, the founders of Barkalot started to look out for a digital post-purchase solution that simplifies the return journey for both, customers and retailers. 

With this objective in mind, Barkalot proactively reached out and, after comparing different solutions, chose to partner with yayloh.


yayloh covered all of the brands’ needs, aligned with their values of sustainability and customer-centric, and was really smooth to implement

In just a few weeks and no-code needed, yayloh’s integration with Barkalot’s store on Shopify was set up and ready to go!

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Amelie Westerberg
Co-Founder at Barkalot 

The implementation with yayloh was very smooth. Almost all e-commerce retailers have individual set-ups, and problems along the way are bound to happen. yayloh has been very proactive and focused on problem-solving throughout the project, we worked as a team.

Benefits of a digital return solution

With yayloh, Barkalot’s customers have access to a branded self-service digital return platform that keeps them engaged and informed throughout the return process, building trust, loyalty and competitive advantage. 

On the other side, Barkalot’s team is empowered with a tool that puts all return information at a button-click. yayloh return management platform automates all aspects of the post-purchase journey, from speeding up refunds and store credit, to the automatic generation of digital return shipping labels, which saves paper and time. 

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Digital return solution
Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
High performing 
customer service team
More sustainable

Operational efficiency leads to happier customers

With yayloh, Barkalot gets access to incredibly valuable customer feedback that allows the brand to know its customers at an advanced level and make their opinions matter when it comes to designing their products. 

As a pure-online brand, providing a digital return solution was a no brainer for Barkalot. 

By offering a very streamlined return process from the get-go, Barkalot is able to increase customer satisfaction as well as ultimately building strong brand loyalty and repeated purchases. 

Post-purchase can set you apart from other brands

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