yayloh or a manual return process, which is the best process for you?

Pulling off a manual return process is unbearable and time-consuming? Chances are you're in need of a return management platform to digitalise the process. Changing processes might arise questions, which is why we're here to point out the differences between a manual return process and a digital one powered by yayloh.

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yayloh allows you to speed up

A digital solution like yayloh helps you eliminating wasteful practices and saving lots of time. Centralizing everything in a platform shortens the process and allows your team to spend more time focused on what really matters.

On the other hand, when using a manual return management process, many hours are spent searching for the correct information in the right place, not to mention the time spent taking information from one place to another.


More automation means fewer errors

yayloh is 100% digital. As the human intervention is minimized, the scope of errors is marginal. This way, yayloh ensures that the information flowing around your company is accurate and detailed. You have everything you need to provide a great return experience to your customers without minor mistakes and misunderstandings.

When handling returns manually, the possibility of human errors is large due to the amount and complexity of the data processes and the widespread of information across the business.


Become more productive with yayloh

Automatization saves time, effort, resources and is more reliable. yayloh helps simplify the process and performs tasks that would otherwise take time and effort; your team can be reassigned to high-value tasks, resulting in high productivity.

When handling returns manually, businesses might end up wasting excessive time and effort on low-value activities and becoming frustrated with their low levels of productivity. Such companies are believed to lose 20 to 30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. Now that you identified a huge source of inefficiency, what will you do?


Go digital or go home

As your business grows, sales will increase and so will the returns. As the number of returns grows, you will understand that handling them manually will be a dead end. Your team will most likely be overloaded and the quality of your customer experience will sharply decrease. If you do not want to live this nightmare, opt for a digital return management process. It will support your growth and adapt to your needs.


Communicate better with yayloh

yayloh’s software allows all communication to be stored in one place. Hence, everyone can track of what was said and done, either to clients or internally. Such a feature allows the whole team to be on the same page and a more consistent experience to the client, since the same information does not have to be shared more than once.

When there is not a centralized platform and communication happens mostly via email or phone call, it is difficult to keep track of what is happening and the status of the return process. This not only affects negatively the customer experience but makes businesses more inefficient.

Manual processes tend to be chaotic and time-consuming, and with so many organizations now working remotely, these challenges are growing even more. In order to beat your competitors, streamline processes, and mitigate business risks many organizations are turning to digital transformation. What are you waiting for? yayloh is the return management software that can make your business healthier.

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A smarter return process saves time, money, and is better for the planet.

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yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks.

Wendy Alexandre

Head of CX, Ysé                       


saved on return handling a month

With yayloh, customer support has halved the time spent on returns. The integration with Gorgias is also a big time-saver for the team

Nesrine Dridi

CS Manager, Balibaris


less time spent on returns

Partnering with yayloh allowed us to have a more direct and controlled channel of communication with our customers.

Joerg Koch

Founder, 032c


Less complain messages on IG

With the customer feedback collected by yayloh, we can change product descriptions to decrease returns.

John Wennerberg

Chief Digital Officer, Grandpa


Return rate reduction