Eytys’ Story of Holistic Improvement with yayloh
growing inside-out: happier customers and high performing

customer service team

Get to know Eytys

Launching with unisex sneakers in 2013, following with a full collection of unisex jeans & ready to wear, Eytys quickly made a mark on the global fashion scene.

Aside from their play on dimensions and proportions. Eytys is well known for their eye in detail and elevated design in everything from products, brick and mortar stores, stretching to the brands’ online channels as well.
Speaking to a digital generation Eytys has been determined to draft and deliver the perfect shopping experience for its customers. By simplifying their post-purchase service, Eytys have expanded their world of elevated design even further.

The problem

Increasing returns
Online sales at Eytys have grown exponentially and so have the returns. This brings an added complexity to managing the logistics.
Dissatisfied customers
Lack of communication and information leaves customers worried, frustrated and unlikely to place a new order in the future. 
Swamped Customer Service
The team face a daunting task as they have to respond to numerous customer calls without the proper tracking tools in place.

Eytys quickly saw that this problem could damage the morale and confidence of their employees and customers, so they took action. They knew they had to streamline their post-purchase systems to make it simple and comfortable for everyone involved. That’s where yayloh came into the picture. 

The yayloh solution

With this straightforward objective in mind, Eytys partnered with yayloh to upturn and digitise their entire returns management system.

Louise Reznik
 E-commerce Manager at Eytys 

yayloh has been the one missing link to understanding the whole flow - from when a customer buys a product to when they choose to return it. 

They have helped us deliver a best-in-class post-purchase experience with a beautifully-branded digital return form and more agile and performant customer service processes.”

Evidently enough, the results of this transformation delivered fruitfully in more ways than one! 
Empowered with a tool that puts every return’s information at a button-click, the customer service team experienced a boost of motivation as they pro-actively engaged with their customers, who in turn felt satisfied with the quick and definitive answers they were able to receive. This further fueled credibility and long-term loyalty for Eytys, a win-win for their people-centric core indeed.

Moreover, the increased visibility and control opened up several opportunities, thereby allowing Eytys to cut customer service costs and time. 


High performing 
customer service team
Increased customer 
satisfaction and loyalty
Lower customer 
service costs

More to offer: Reduced returns

However, offering a seamless real-time monitoring system was just the beginning. Eytys aimed to have 360-degree visibility of their returns. 

yayloh’s data-analytics solutions allowed Eytys to:


Reduce returns

Eytys got access to key metrics and statistics that allowed them to deep-dive into and identify the specific reasons for their returns, and improve their product sizing descriptions and production for the next collections. 

Eytys was also able to identify some recurring operational and delivery errors that would have otherwise gone unnoticed without the digital monitoring platform. Fixing these not only helped improve operational efficiency, cut down unnecessary time and costs, but also prevent dissatisfied customers from churning..


Improve operational efficiency

Louise Reznik
 E-commerce Manager at Eytys 

yayloh has also helped us see patterns in our returns so we can easily take actions to improve the customer shopping experience and reduce return rates.
Collecting customer feedback has never been so easy and is extremely valuable so that our production team will improve for the next collections. 

All in all, digitisation with yayloh helped Eytys reinforce its core philosophy, creating a fuss-free, beautiful and beneficial post-purchase journey for everyone involved, both inside and out.

Post-purchase excellence is what can set you apart from other brands

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