Increase loyalty

With Yayloh you will offer your customers a standing out post-check out experience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. 


Delivery information and notifications, digital return requests, tracking pages, mean reassured and happier customers but also many more opportunities to share additional personalized content and create connections at different touch points. 


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Boost profitability.

Yayloh will automate your returns not only to streamline costs but also to shorter return cycle speed. This will allow to expand second chance opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.


Yayloh will help increasing your profitability with actionable insights and intelligence.

Planet friendly

Yayloh will help you rerouting the product to the right place in order to reduce your CO2 emissions. 


Thanks to its network of partners Yayloh will give a second life to products which would end up in waste. 


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Want to know more? Let us show you a demo and maybe share a coffee if you're in town.


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