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Holzweiler reinforces brand experience post-purchase

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

With yayloh as a partner, Holzweiler delivers a fully digital and branded return experience to reduce the return rate and increase customer loyalty.

Get to know Holzweiler

Holzweiler is an Oslo-based fashion house founded in 2012 to create fashion that can stand the test of time. Holzweiler has gone from a small, family-run business to an international fashion house in nearly ten years. Much more than clothing stores, Holzweiler puts the brand at the centre, with flagship stores and a growing online community to take the brand experience to the next level.

Reinforce the brand experience post-purchase

While expanding internationally, Holzweiler’s primary mission was to reinforce its brand by creating a community and lifestyle around the brand. The Norwegian company intended to achieve brand consistency throughout the customer journey and deliver a smooth return experience to increase customer loyalty.

Holzweiler chose to partner with yayloh, the loyalty-first return management solution connected via Centra's open API, in order to achieve brand consistency throughout the entire customer journey and deliver a smooth return experience to increase customer loyalty.

"The integration was smooth and required very little work from us. At the same time, yayloh solution is super easy to use for our customers."
Marius Valaker — Head of Digital at Holzweiler

The problem: no brand control post-purchase

With a manual return process, Holzweiler loses control of its brand's presence post-purchase and can't deliver a good brand experience to its customers.

Increasing Returns

Sales at Holzweiler have grown exponentially and, consequently, so have the returns. Having no data on returns made it even harder for them to reduce the return rate.

Brand Degradation

Holzweiler had no brand consistency throughout the post-purchase journey, which negatively impacted their brand.

Inefficient return process

Holzweiler did not have proper tracking and managing tools in place. Valuable time was spent completing return-related tasks manually, which was time-consuming and prompted human-caused errors.

The solution: deliver a joyful brand experience

With yayloh, Holzweiler's customers can submit a return request in just a few clicks, stay updated on the return status through a fully branded tracking page, and stay engaged with the brand and its online store throughout the entire process. With an easy return experience and all information at the palm of their hands, customers feel comforted, reassured, and happy, increasing the chance of placing a new order again.

Benefits of yayloh return management software

Customer experience is crucial for a DTC brand like Holzweiler, hence the importance of having a fully digital and branded digital return process.

"We want to ensure that our brand is present at every customer touchpoint and yayloh is filling this gap during the return process, which is key for retention and growth."
Marius Valaker — Head of Digital at Holzweiler

Data-driven brand

Besides providing Holzweiler with a digital and fully branded return solution, yayloh also fulfilled another brand goal: to be more data-driven. yayloh offers a data analytics platform that collects, stores, and analyses return reasons and customer feedback at category and product level to help retailers adjust product description, sizing, and fitting to reduce the return rate.

"Gathering better data on why we get returns is important for us in order to reduce our return rates. This is a win-win for both our customers, us as a brand, and the environment."
Marius Valaker — Head of Digital at Holzweiler
Digital Return Request Form for Holzweiler

Great brand experience leads to loyal customers

The Norwegian fashion house partnered with yayloh to deliver a great brand experience throughout the post-purchase journey and gather data on returns so that they could improve their offering.

All in all, with yayloh's support, Holzweiler has now everything in place to ensure that their one-time buyers return to shop again and again, which is key for their long-term success.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

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