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M.Moustache levels up its tech stack with a winning trio: Shopify Plus, Gorgias and yayloh

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

With the mission to scale globally, M.Moustache migrates from Prestashop to Shopify Plus and levels up the return process by replacing with yayloh.

Get to know M.Moustache

M.Moustache is a French shoe brand focusing on quality and having the smallest environmental impact possible. Founded in 2012, M.Moustache produces shoes, sneakers and socks from vegan leather and recycled materials.

After ten years in the business, the brand realised its current tech stack was becoming a roadblock to its expansion. To boost sales and customer experience, they switched from Prestashop to Shopify Plus. On the return process, M.Moustache switched from, a French return management solution, to yayloh.

Before yayloh — minimal customisation and an overly manual return process

The previous return management process presented two main problems: very little design freedom and a digital return process still implying many manual tasks.

M.Moustache has a strong visual identity that comes across in its products and online presence and helps them stand out from the competition. During the purchase process on the website, the brand could express its identity very much, but it felt limitations during the return process with its previous solution. The return process is an essential part of the customer journey, and the lack of brand display during the return process penalised M.Moustache’s customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Even though the customers could enjoy a somewhat digital return process, it was still overly manual for the customer service and warehouse team. The warehouse team had to manually update inspection status details on for the customer service team to later process refunds one by one from Prestashop. Manual processes can prompt mistakes and delays, ultimately affecting customer experience and loyalty.

The first few years, we got by quite well with the tech we had, but as we grew, we realised that we needed to upgrade. If we wanted M.Moustache to take on the world, we needed a more robust online store and a fully digital and automated return process. As a small team, time is highly crucial for us.

Guillaume Alcan, co-founder of M.Moustache

The goal — a branded, customisable and automated return process

The brand’s growth in the last few years prompted returns to increase. That’s when M.Moustache realised that their existing return management platform wasn’t living up to the expectations, and neither was Prestashop.

After thorough research on return management softwares, M.Moustache downloaded yayloh from the Shopify App Store. The French brand decided to go with yayloh because it fixed its warehouse and customer service pain points. On top of that, yayloh also offered integration with the brand’s helpdesk, Gorgias, which also boosted productivity for the CS team.

We did extensive research on return management platforms, and we understood that yayloh was the one that aligned better with our goals and could solve our most significant bottlenecks. Their Shopify App was very easy to install; we customised it to our needs and got it running in no time.

Juliette Chevalier, Customer Care Manager at M.Moustache

Digital return form powered by yayloh

With yayloh — automated operations to boost team productivity

M.Moustache needed a return management platform to match the brand’s high number of returns and the logistics they entail. On top of that, the customer’s experience through the return process improved significantly with yayloh’s branded return process.

Faster warehouse operations and refund directly from yayloh

The warehouse process was a bottleneck for M.Moustache as the team had to manually update the inspection status on Later, customer service had to check each inspection status and go to Prestashop to process refunds.

With yayloh, this process is much more straightforward and automated. Once the returned item arrives at the warehouse, the team inspects it and updates the status in one click.

The warehouse process was a clear roadblock in the return process; with too many touchpoints, so much time was wasted switching platforms which were not adequately integrated. Once the inspection status was completed, customer service had to go into to check the return status and then switch to Prestashop to process the return.

Alix Taboureaux, Customer Care Assistant at M.Moustache

yayloh helps save time during warehouse inspection

Refund directly from yayloh

With the inspection status, the customer support team can approve refunds or store credits directly with one click from yayloh back office. All the details sync automatically with Shopify and the payment methods, saving time for the customer service team by not having to switch platforms.

Resolve return-related tickets faster

The switch from Prestashop to Shopify also gave M.Moustache a chance to centralise all their communication channels for customer support in Gorgias. yayloh’s integration with Gorgias allows the team to create a Gorgias ticket directly from yayloh in one click. This comes in handy when a customer needs a little more interaction, for example, if they received a damaged product. Return information is also synced on Gorgias to help the customer support team assist customers faster when they reach out about their return status.

yayloh’s integration with Gorgias saves our team 2h a day. We cut “Where is my return calls” to more than half, and we can offer a much more personalised experience to our customers through our communication channels.

Juliette Chevalier, Customer Care Manager at M.Moustache

yayloh integration with Gorgias helps M.Moustashe save 2h/day

Reduce customer support tickets

M.Moustache enjoys an extra automated perk with yayloh’s return tracking page. This page is available for the customers to track the status of their return in real-time. This way, customer service gets fewer “where is my return” calls and customers can enjoy a more straightforward return journey.

Additionally, the tracking page can be the place to promote a new campaign, special discounts or specific products to re-direct the customers back to the website.

Return Tracking Page powered by yayloh

M.Moustache processes return 10 times faster with yayloh

With the brand’s international breakthrough, M.Moustache knew that return management needed to be automated to a greater extent. For this, the French brand switched from to yayloh, which provided the team with further automation and features aligned with their goals. Aside from the productivity boost, the effectiveness makes for a much more straightforward customer return process.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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