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Understament reduces customer calls by 80% with yayloh

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

Understatement swaps pre-printed return forms for QR codes to improve their returns process

Get to know Understatement

Founded in 2017 by a Swedish duo, Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women to be and feel proud of who they are. Designed with comfort at the core and made to complement every body, their underwear does not have annoying underwire, padding, or itchy tags. All the materials are carefully chosen to create undergarments that feel as good as they look and align with their sustainability values.

Automate the post-purchase experience to increase customer loyalty and operational efficiency

Because of Understatement’s Nordic’s popularity and growing international success, the brand realised that in order to scale, they needed an efficient, reliable and fully digital post-purchase experience.

yayloh offers the lingerie brand the chance to digitalise the entire post-purchase experience for their customers and their team. The return management software helps online retailers automate processes to increase operational efficiency and boost profitability in order to scale faster and smarter.

The problem — Inefficient and time-consuming return process

To stop manually managing returns, Understatement tested sending out pre-printed return shipping labels with every purchase. However, they rolled this solution back because it encouraged customers to “bracket” and return more items, which didn't align with the brand's sustainability values.

Aside from the logistics challenge, Understatement also realized their customer support team was getting swamped with calls from worried customers regarding the status of their return.

Inefficient and time-consuming return process

With the return shipping labels ruled out as a solution, Understatement started looking for a fully digital return management software to increase efficiencies and proactively reached out to yayloh.

The implementation and onboarding with Shopify was very smooth and yayloh handled the entire process. As a partner, they are very responsive to our needs and extremely solution-oriented on technical requests.
Marie Stolt, CEO & Founder

The yayloh solution — Automation to fuel growth

yayloh's digital and branded return journey

yayloh’s digital return platform proved to be the best partner for Understatement. It provides solutions for the brand’s two main issues: the hassle of pre-printed labels and constant return status update calls from customers.

The goal of Understatement’s collaboration with yayloh was to automate the entire return process to improve team productivity and efficiency whilst delivering a top-class digital return experience to its customers to build trust and increase customer loyalty.

yayloh offered ease of implementation, which was unparalleled. In under 10 days, yayloh’s integration with Understatement’s Shopify store was live and the website was able to start processing paperless returns.

The onboarding process with yayloh has been smooth as can be. Support has been great, and we were up and running very quickly. The positive effects were clear straight away. Much less manual work in return processing and a decrease in return related questions to the Customer Support team.
Yvet Malmveld, COO & Co-Founder

Understatement’s two musts

QR codes for an easy and joyful return experience

QR Code provided by Postnord

yayloh’s integration with PostNord provides Understatement with a digital return solution that replaces pre-printed labels for QR codes for Swedish customers.

When a customer wants to return or exchange a product, they receive a PostNord QR code that they later have to scan at the nearest PostNord drop-off point; the post office prints out the return shipping label and manages the rest of the return process.

This streamlines processes for Understatement’s team, which saves time and resources, and simplifies the return journey for customers.

We are thrilled with the positive impact the QR codes have had on the team's performance and time can be spent on helping our customers in other ways. Our customers appreciate the digital, easy yet professional return process and that it does not require them to have a printer at home.
Fredrika Häyry, CX Manager

Return Tracking page powered by yayloh

Enhance the brand experience with a return tracking page

While QR codes make the first part of the return process easy and paperless, yayloh also provides Understatement customers with a return status tracking page. This allows customers to check the status of their return online and in real-time, without the hassle of calling customer service. In addition, they can also subscribe to SMS notifications on status updates.

This offers a solution for both parties, customers and the customer service teams, as it minimizes the ”Where is my return?” calls. It gives customer service time to work on more important tasks and allows customers to keep track of their returns online, making the process easier and joyful.

yayloh has helped us reduce incoming return status related questions by 80%, as customers can easily track the status in real-time themselves.
Fredrika Häyry, CX Manager

Automated processes for a more joyful customer experience

The Nordic lingerie brand partnered with yayloh to offer its customers printer-less returns with PostNord QR codes and a return status tracking page that updates in real-time.

The team has access to a platform that automates processes and puts all information at button click; saving time, resources and boosting team performance.

“With yayloh, pricing is just simple and fair."

Serina Espergues

Head of Operations, AWAN

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