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Ysé saves 60h/month managing returns with yayloh

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

yayloh supports Ysé migration to Shopify Plus to help the brand deliver a top-notch return experience to its customers while putting returns on auto-pilot

Get to know Ysé

Created in 2012, Ysé designs underwear, swimwear, bodys, homeware and pyjamas which are without artifice. Created by women and for women, Ysé invites women to look at their body with tenderness. Specific care is given to fitting: initially targeting small bra cups, Ysé now has extended their offer on many products to all bra cups, from AA to E. This willingness is the result of a strong desire: offer products to each and every woman, whatever her body type. Each prototype and each bra cup is fitted to be comfortable with style.

Today, Ysé is an e-shop that delivers in France and abroad with six physical stores in France. Offering a smooth omnichannel experience is important to Ysé - every order, no matter where it was placed, can be returned either online or in-store. Thus, running an effective online store is a must for them; but so is having powerful return management software to deliver a branded, digital and fuss-free customer experience while also boosting team efficiency and delivering excellent customer support.

Opportunity to scale

Fueled by the change in customer behaviour and the rise of eCommerce, Ysé saw an opportunity to scale the business smartly and efficiently which would increase sales and diminish the workload. Their growth plan was to implement automated processes to boost operational efficiency and save time and resources.

The first step towards automation and scalability began with the migration from Prestashop to Shopify Plus. While the pre-checkout process is fully taken care of, Shopify Plus does not offer a return management solution natively, an essential piece for Yse’s growth plan. This is where yayloh, the loyalty-first return management solution, comes in.

The problem - No Shopify in-house return solution

The lack of an in-house return management solution from Shopify urged Ysé to find a return management solution to automate processes and help them manage returns more effectively.

Looking into different options and creating their own custom-developed solution, Ysé chose to partner with yayloh to take return management to the next level, tackling the problems below.

Manual Returns

Manually processing returns adds complexity to logistics, is time-consuming, most times inefficient and affects team productivity.

Brand degradation

This inefficiency during the return process can be worrisome for customers and quickly damage the brand’s name.

Inefficient return process

Without proper tracking and managing tools, the Ysé team spends valuable time completing tasks manually is time-consuming and can prompt human-caused errors.

yayloh allowed us to streamline our online returns handling so that we can focus on what we do best instead. The solution was implemented quickly and it answers our very high demands on customer experience and productivity. yayloh team has been really available and responsive to our needs during the onboarding so that the platform answers our needs.
Soline Brissault, Operations & Projects Manager

With a fast-expanding public and growing national and international popularity, Ysé’s mission when partnering with yayloh was straightforward -to create an easy, joyful, and branded digital return experience for their customers and a fully automated return management solution for their team.

To face the day-to-day returns and, most importantly, returns during high season(April to July), Ysé saw the potential of yayloh to deliver an extremely efficient and joyful post-purchase experience for both ends team and customers.

The solution: Implement a loyalty-first return management platform

yayloh’s integration successfully complements Ysé’s online store with a return solution that helps them effectively manage returns. It also upholds the brand's customer-centric and digital-first core values.

Easy and joyful return experience

With yayloh, Ysé delights its customers with a fully branded and digital post-purchase experience that keeps them informed and engaged through every step of the return process. Knowing the return status builds trust and competitive advantage as customers feel comforted, reassured, and more likely to place another order in the future.

Automation to accelerate growth

On the other end, Ysé’s team is empowered with a return management platform that simplifies and automates operational tasks, plus puts all information and returns data at a button-click away.

With yayloh, Ysé’s customer service team can proactively support disappointed customers and automate refunds directly from the platform. This automation is possible thanks to yayloh’s rule engine, powered by the integration with Shopify. The amount to be refunded is automatically calculated and processed, saving valuable time and resources to the Ysé team.

On a daily routine, yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks (where mistakes can easily be made), like when it comes to calculating the amount to be refunded. Moreover, the customer experience is extremely easy and clear.
Wendy Alexandre, Head of Customer Experience

Growth fuelled by customer loyalty and automation

Ysé’s growth and success brought quite a lot of challenges in the operational field. To scale and prevail team efficiency, the need for a digital return platform became evident.

yayloh’s return management software seamlessly integrates with their Shopify Plus store to offer a branded digital return solution to their customers and a fully automated post-purchase management solution for their team. With yayloh, Ysé prevails its customer-centric and digital-first core values.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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