yayloh or Rich Returns, which is the best return management platform for your business?

If you’re looking for the best return management software for your business, you’re in the right place. We’re going to point out the five main differences between yayloh and Rich Returns and, hopefully, help you pick the best return management platform for your needs, even if it’s not us! So, what are the differences between Rich Returns and yayloh?

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yayloh integrates with different e-commerce platforms

Rich Returns is exclusively integrated with Shopify, meaning that it only works for brands using Shopify as their eCommerce platform. Therefore, if you are not a Shopify merchant, you should stop reading; Rich Returns is not for you.

yayloh, on top of being well established on Shopify and Shopify Plus, is also integrated with other CMS platforms. Not focusing on only one CMS allows us to ensure that you can keep using yayloh even if you decide to migrate to another eCommerce solution.


yayloh improves customer experience

Rich Returns has many available functionalities for return management like pre-paid return labels and automation like auto-approved returns.

yayloh, with its customer-centric thought process, has created and kept accessible features that hold value to your customers.

We built our product to improve customer experience through every touch-point of the post-purchase journey.  We help you own your brand after purchase, develop a direct relationship with your customers, and make their experience memorable and distinctive.

yayloh also enables you to gather the necessary feedback to reduce returns, process refunds faster, increase customers satisfaction and, as a consequence, drive long-term loyalty and profitability.


Apart from international couriers, yayloh directly integrates with national carriers

At this moment, Rich Returns does not have that many direct integrations with carriers, which could complicate processes and might require getting an extra add-on to their app to get the required integration. This limitation can cause inconvenience for many businesses that primarily run in France or the Nordics, making yayloh more favourable in these two markets.

When you become a yayloh customer, we take care of you whether you're a solopreneur, a small brand or an international DTC brand. Our experience in retail helps us understand the needs for brands at any stage and, thus, build features that fuel growth.

Our pricing and features are flexible and catered to your needs to help you grow with us. Our onboarding is 100% free and tailored to your needs.


yayloh is an omnichannel return platform

While eCommerce continues to grow, it’s important to not forget about physical stores. As your brand grows online and offline, it’s crucial to have an omnichannel strategy to create a simple and efficient system for returns. Our return management platform facilitates in-store returns and grants your in-store staff all the necessary tools to process these returns quicker and get the products back to the shelves faster.

In-store returns cut shipping costs, but the most important factor is that they drive engagement which sometimes lacks online and allows the customer to truly experience the brand.


yayloh will help you reduce returns

Rich Returns is extremely focused on return management and also aims to help its clients by providing a myriad of services within the system like automation.

Based on the requirements of the business, yayloh provides analytics and insights to help you understand returns and the return reasons on a general note and also broken down by product. On top of that, it also displays customer qualitative comments to help you go the extra mile and improve production.

Analytics is a very advantageous feature as it helps brands reduce the return rate by pointing out discrepancies between the product description and customer’s comments. These insights can help fix product descriptions and improve customer retention.

So, which is the best return management software for your business?

If you’re running an enterprise company and your main objective is to reduce returns and returns costs, Rich Returns will certainly better answer your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re a fast-growing DTC brand looking to improve team productivity and efficiently deliver a top-class digital return experience to boost profitability and customer loyalty, yayloh is the return management software you’re looking for.

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A smarter return process saves time, money, and is better for the planet.

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yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks.

Wendy Alexandre

Head of CX, Ysé                       


saved on return handling a month

With yayloh, customer support has halved the time spent on returns. The integration with Gorgias is also a big time-saver for the team

Nesrine Dridi

CS Manager, Balibaris


less time spent on returns

Partnering with yayloh allowed us to have a more direct and controlled channel of communication with our customers.

Joerg Koch

Founder, 032c


Less complain messages on IG

With the customer feedback collected by yayloh, we can change product descriptions to decrease returns.

John Wennerberg

Chief Digital Officer, Grandpa


Return rate reduction