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Store Credits

Enhance your return process by retaining revenue and encouraging your customers to purchase again with you thanks to having store credits as an option to refunds.

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Reduce refunds by offering store credit option

It is likely that if customers ask for a refund, you’ll never hear back from them again. If they’re not in a mood for exchanging for a new item right away, with yayloh store credit feature they can always chose a store credit and come back to shop later.


Automated store credits

yayloh automatically creates the store credit in your OMS or ERP to reduce to zero manual work on your CS team.

Customers will receive their store credit in a breeze based on your preferred trigger, like return parcel is in transit or received.

Amazing that the store credit is given before the return is handled!

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Encourage customers to choose a store credit

Incentivise customers who want to return a product to select a store credit instead. With yayloh, you can set up customised rules according to your return and exchange policy and offer them a bonus credit when they select a store credit.

By doing this, you can boost customer loyalty, satisfaction and retain more revenue.

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