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We always put your customers first

Build a return process that allows them to pick what is most convenient for them at any moment in time, ensuring that they feel valued and supported throughout their journey.

Transform returns into another chance of engaging with your customers rather than leaving them disappointed.

We offer your customers hassle-free exchanges

Convenience is paramount for customers, leading many to opt for a refund because it is the easiest option. That's why yayloh offers hassle-free exchanges and store credits, empowering your customers to remain loyal to your brand as effortlessly as they would request a refund.

By providing different options, we help prevent missed opportunities for revenue retention.

Deliver a fully branded customer experience

Your brand's presence shouldn't end at the point of purchase. With yayloh, you can curate a fully branded return experience that extends your identity across every interaction. From customizable design to tailored communication, including return confirmation emails and tracking page, ensure that your brand remains front and centre, enriching the post-purchase journey.

of returns turned into store credits
decrease in return rate
3x faster
processing international returns
increase in exchange rate

Make return shipping as convenient as possible

With yayloh, you can manage worldwide returns effortlessly.

Our integrations with a variety of local and international carriers offer your customers flexibility in return shipping options, whether it's in-store returns or preferred carrier services.

You can take it a step further with yayloh integration with DHL Paperless Trade Technology,
where customs clearance is pre-filled and doesn’t require any printing.

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Designed for fashion
Driving a more sustainable commerce forward
Revolutionising commerce to maximise profitability
Unleash fashion-focused insights to reduce return rates

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