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Unleash fashion-focused insights to reduce return rates

We believe that return data is of primary importance for fashion brands to keep improving and reducing production waste.

Our mission is to provide global fashion brands with powerful analytical insights that go beyond basic return reasons and could change their way of doing business.

Engage customers for improvement

Customer opinion is fundamental to help you grow and improve. By delivering an exceptional customer experience at all touch points, we see that customers are more likely to engage on your mission to enhance product quality and satisfaction.

Follow return data to refine product descriptions

yayloh analytics offers a comprehensive view of return data, enabling swift and informed decisions.

With primary return reasons, our platform provides actionable insights. For instance, if a specific product category consistently faces returns due to sizing issues, you can promptly adjust product descriptions or sizing charts to reduce return rates.

37% less
returns at product level after description changes
decrease in return rate
of revenue retention by offering store credit

Data in the blink of an eye

We don’t stop at surface-level return insights like “too big” or “too small”.

We encourage customers to provide deeper insights. We collect secondary reasons in the form of keywords and comments that span from sizing and fit to quality of material. From fit and material quality to style preferences, this rich feedback informs production decisions, driving continuous product improvement.

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