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yayloh native return tracking feature is a life safer especially in times of higher return volumes, such as holidays and sales. Recognising the challenges associated with return shipping, we have developed our own return tracking system to enhance accuracy in tracking updates.

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Allow customers to track their return

Reduce the frequency of "Where's my return?" inquiries by enabling customers to track their return packages from yayloh’s own return tracking page. The page is completely customised to reflect your brand identity and keep customer engagement with the brand high even during this phase.

Provide your customers with a tracking link that they can access at any time from anywhere through their devices directly from their return confirmation email.


SMS tracking alert

With our return shipping check-out let your customers choose how they prefer to return their item. Many clients like to experience an in-store return and with the return check-out you can also encourage them to return in your physical stores.

Accepting returns in store can help you reduce logistics costs and put your items back to shelves fasted while improving your customers experience.

By automating processes [with yayloh], the customer service team has reduced calls and messages. This way, we can prioritize our customer service team's focus on more complex tasks.

Joerg Koch,

Tracking updates at a fingertip for your team

Thanks to yayloh’s tracking page, it’s never been easier for your CS team to handle return-related customers’ queries. The status of the parcel is seamlessly updated in the back office, facilitating smooth and efficient follow-ups with your customers with no switching between different platforms.

Additionally, yayloh integration with Gorgias allows for direct synchronisation. When a ticket is created from Gorgias, all return tracking information from yayloh is directly available on Gorgias, allowing you to close your tickets faster.

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Increase customer satisfaction and convert 30% refunds into revenue with yayloh’s advanced exchange feature.

Store Credits

Enhance your return process by retaining revenue and encouraging your customers to purchase again with you thanks to having store credits as an option to refunds.

VIP Segments

Gaining new customers is important, but retaining existing customers is fundamental. And at yayloh, we follow this philosophy 110% with yayloh VIP Segments feature.


Return shipping and logistics are a pain point for most e-retailers. It blocks you from optimizing and streamlining operations. At yayloh, we have mastered the art of reverse logistics.


As a return management solution exclusively dedicated to fashion, our mission is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint emissions of direct-to-consumer fashion brands. ..

Automated Workflows

With yayloh you can customize your workflows according to your return policy (return window, refund fees), the level of automation you want to implement and your logistics set-up (shipping carriers, warehouses)

In-store Returns

In case you have physical stores as well as your online store, yayloh provides you with a in-store returns solution.

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