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Designed for fashion

yayloh is the only return management solution designed exclusively for fashion.

Our focus on fashion ensures our commitment to aligning our product roadmap with the unique needs of fashion brands.

Elevate your brand identity

We understand that your brand is your most valuable asset, and branding plays a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty.

We designed a return portal that extend your brand’s values and positioning beyond your website to maintain strong customer engagement throughout the whole customer journey.

We help you retain more revenue

In the fashion industry, wrong sizing is the main reason for returns. By facilitating the exchange process to enable customers to effortlessly swap sizes and reducing refunds, retaining revenue and enhancing the overall shopping experience, we empower brands to thrive.

50% less
return-related messages
a month saved on return related tasks
customer satisfaction
of revenue retention by offering store credit

We improve together

As we recognize the distinct and unique needs and requirements of fashion brands, we have developed a vigorous feedback system to continuously improve your products.

Leveraging unique return insights, comprehensive data analytics, and detailed datasets you can assist production in delivering the best items to your customers.

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We always put your customers first
Driving a more sustainable commerce forward
Commerce revolution to maximise profitability
Unleash fashion-focused insights to reduce return rates

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