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With yayloh return management platform, House of Dagmar fosters customer engagement

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

yayloh enables House of Dagmar to level up the return experience to their brand positioning

Get to know House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar is a premium Swedish fashion brand for the conscious woman. Created by 3 sisters in 2005, the brand carries the values and name of their grandmother: Dagmar. The seek of sustainability with high-quality clothing that will last has always been of major importance for the brand.

However, House of Dagmar felt their return process was not in line with the brand values: letting customers with a piece of paper did not feel customer centric nor sustainable enough. It was time for a change, and that is when yayloh came in.

Before yayloh — Lost in paperwork

The return process had always been manual, and customer feedback was collected on return paper forms. It was very hard for House of Dagmar to gather this feedback as the paper return forms ended up at their 3PL warehouse. With a high return rate, as we know it is in women’s fashion, it became crucial for the brand to understand better the reasons behind returns to better themselves when it comes to production.

“We sell women’s fashion, and with that comes the problem of a high return rate. With paper forms, we couldn’t collect data, which really limited the brand’s ability to improve.” Fredrika Lövgren, e-commerce Operations Manager

The goal — A sustainable return process and engaged customers

House of Dagmar was looking for a return management platform which, on top of automating manual tasks, would be able to carry the brand values and positioning. They knew that immersing the customers in their brand atmosphere was crucial to make them feel like engaging more to get the qualitative feedback they could act upon.

We wanted to reduce our return rate not only for financial and sustainability reasons but also to design products that our customers love. With that in mind, the objective was to engage our customers in our mission to reduce returns. We knew yayloh was able to elevate the brand during the return process so that we could have that level of connection with our customers." — Stine Schjött Quist, Head of E-commerce

House of Dagmar Digital Return Form powered by yayloh

With yayloh — A return process which shows how much the brand cares about its customers

House of Dagmar immersed its customers in its brand environment throughout the process. That was key to engaging further with them.

A branded and customisable return process

With yayloh return process, House of Dagmar logo and all their branding attributes like typography, colours, buttons, or pictures are customised. The customers always feel they engage with the brand. They can write comments on the product and interact with the brand about their issues.

Our brand image and keeping consistency in our imagery and look & feel is very important to us. To be able to adapt the yayloh platform to our own brand is a feature we really love.” Stine Schjött Quist, Head of eCommerce

Customer feedback to keep improving

With yayloh, by engaging further with its customers, House of Dagmar can collect more valuable feedback. Also, with the quantitative data collected, they can see the percentage of most returned products and the breakdown of the reasons, which helps them spot very quickly if there is a sizing or material issue. Then they can deep dive into the comments and share them with the production team during the Monthly Meetings to improve the next collection.

On top of that, House of Dagmar will use yayloh to send thank you emails to all the customers who have given quality feedback on their products when the product has been altered due to their feedback. That is a way to show them that the brand cares about the feedback given to always strive to improve the products for them.

We want to constantly deliver the highest quality in everything we do, from customer service to the garment’s quality and fit. The customer feedback is therefore crucial, and when the customer feel they have been a part of the continuous improvement, they get closer to us as a brand. With yayloh we can even engage further, send them thank you emails to show that their satisfaction is the most important thing to us. It’s great to be able to make customers feel part of a community to build our brand.” — Malin Lundberg Emilsson, CRM & Communications manager

Asserting your brand identity leads to customer engagement!

yayloh supported House of Dagmar with a fully branded return process to elevate the brand. This revealed itself crucial to gather more data about their returns. Based on that, House of Dagmar can improve product sizing and descriptions to reduce returns while increasing customer satisfaction.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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