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    Love does not always happen at first sight.

    yayloh supports retail brands to deliver a best-in-class post-purchase experience. 

    yayloh will be your best partner to increase loyalty and conversion, boost profitability and be more sustainable. Happier customers will buy more, and do it more often. A smarter return process will save time and money. It will be better for the planet. Believe us, it can be as simple as that.


    Increase loyalty and conversion

    Delivery information and notifications, digital return requests, tracking pages, mean reassured and happier customers and many more opportunities to connect at different touch points.


    Boost profitability

    yayloh automates your returns, streamlining costs and shortening return cycle speed. This will expand second-chance sales opportunities while increasing customer satisfaction.


    Increase sales

    Powered with data analytics and machine learning, yayloh gives actionable insights to reduce return rate and increase conversion. 


    Reduce environmental impact

    By rerouting merchandise to the right place and giving a second life to products which would end up in landfill, yayloh reduces C02 emissions and waste.



    We are a data driven company and base our decisions on analytics. 

    We support our customers to embrace the possibilities offered by data to solve problems.


    We understand our customers needs to deliver the best possible product. 

    We never blame and always aim to understand what is at stake.

    Free thinking

    Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. 

    We believe anything is possible when you can think freely, without boundaries nor pre-set frameworks.