yayloh will be your best partner to increase loyalty and conversion, boost profitability and be more sustainable. Happier customers will buy more, and do it more often. A smarter return process will save time and money. It will be better for the planet. Believe us, it can be as simple as that.


purchase excellence

yayloh SaaS platform will help you win customers for life


Our services



Smart return management platform to reduce costs 


Advanced data analytics to reduce

return rate

Outstanding post-purchase experience to increase NPS


Retain your customers with a best-in-class return experience

Offer your customers a beautifully branded self-service digital return solution.

Keep them informed and engaged during the return process, drive traffic to your webshop and your stores.

Increase NPS and loyalty

Drive traffic to the webshop

Capture return data

Want to learn how Grandpa delights its customers with yayloh?


Spend less time processing returns

Give access to all relevant information to your customer support team in the wink of an eye.

Smart suggestions features and automation help them answer customers queries and process refunds faster, increasing your customers satisfaction.

Reduce customer service costs

Faster refunds to increase NPS

Shorten returns cycle speed


Stop guessing and reduce your returns

Improve mix merchandising, sizing, or product descriptions based on customer feedback.

Empower with yayloh advanced analytics tool you will take the right actions to reduce returns.

Reduce returns

Optimize mix merchandising

Improve profitability

" After just a few weeks of sales and based on feedback collected on yayloh we change a product description, resulting in a return rate reduction from 58% to 21%." 

John Palm Wennerberg

E-commerce Manager 

Our values


We are a data driven company and base our decisions on analytics. 

We support our customers to embrace the possibilities offered by data to solve problems.


We understand our customers needs to deliver the best possible product. 

We never blame and always aim to understand what is at stake.

Free thinking

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  

We believe anything is possible when you can think freely, without boundaries nor pre-set frameworks. 

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