About yayloh

yayloh is the loyalty first return management platform

What we do

We design a world-class digital return experience so that your customers come back to shop in your store again and again. Unfortunately, in commerce like in real life, love does not always happen at first sight. However, by delivering an excellent customer experience during the return process, you can win a customer for life. We're here to support you just do that.

We live and breathe to reduce online returns and their massive impact on our planet and on your P&L. We're excited to help you reach that exact same goal.

Our mission is to help you build a brand
customers will love, one return at a time.

Top-notch CX

Plug & play

Hassle free

User friendly

Today's most customer centric brands choose yayloh.

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Why we're here

E-commerce space is shifting but still, technology is not at the level and accessibility where it should be.

We have seen so many young, fast-growing brands, struggling with their return processes to a point that it was affecting their growth plans and their team morale. We felt it was truly unfair that a digital return process was only accessible for large merchants, able to invest tens of thousands of euros for a solution and spend months implementing it. Customer-centric businesses know the return experience they want to create, but earlier technologies haven’t been able to support them doing so. So we decided to build yayloh. We make it easy, fun and rewarding to manage returns.


Our Founders

Our co-founding team has solid experience within retail and technology. We know e-commerce as much as we know how to build a world-class product that our users love.

yayloh founders Sophie and Nikhil

Nikhil Shikarkhane

Co-founder & CTO

Sophie Aubard

Co-founder & CEO

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"Starting day one after the implementation of yayloh we saw immediate effects on our workflow - saving hours for our customer service team, increasing our omnichannel efforts and most importantly: gave our customers a smoother and user-friendly experience."

John Palm Wennerberg

Chief Digital Officer, Grandpa

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Company values

Be Customer-Centric

Customer experience is a big deal to us. We exit to develop a solution that suit our customers needs and we would go the extra mile for them.

Speak Your Brains Out

Best ideas are a blend and amalgamation of multiple perspectives. Whether you're starting or experienced, your ideas matter at yayloh!

Keep Learning

We're curious, ambitious and permanent learners. We welcome different opinions and feedback to continue evolving individually and as a team.

Iterate Fast

What happens when we fall? We pick ourselves up, understand where we went wrong, and move on to the next thing. Persistence is everything!

Mondays Feel Like Fridays

Even though, let's be honest, work is work, yayloh provides a fun and positive space where everyone feels included and where diversity is happily welcomed.

Be Your Unique Self

When empowered to be our unique selves, we are happier, more confident in our abilities and more comfortable sharing our talents.

These brands are already getting results, when will you?

A smarter return process saves time, money, and is better for the planet.

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“yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks."

Wendy Alexandre

Head of CX, Ysé                       


saved on return handling a month

"yayloh has helped decrease incoming return status calls as customers can track the status in real-time."

Fredrika Häyry

CX Manager, Understatement


less customer calls

"yayloh enables us to deliver a best-in-class post-purchase experience with a beautifully-branded digital return."

Louise Reznik

eCommerce Manager, Eytys


Customer satistaction

"With the customer feedback collected by yayloh, we can change product descriptions to decrease returns."

John Wennerberg

Chief Digital Officer, Grandpa


Return rate reduction