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The fastest-growing brands are data-driven. Open a new world of opportunity with first-hand return data.

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Let's put your house in order

Collect all return data provided by customers in a structured way. No more manual input in an excel file

Get an overview in a wink of an eye to constantly monitor your return and exchange rate

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yayloh tells you ‘why’ with return reasons

Get access to detailed data at product level to help your team identify outlier products quickly

Create a feedback loop which will help you take actions on your sizing guide, product pictures and description and see an immediate impact on your return rate

And, qualitative comments will be a goldmine for your production team

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yayloh product image

Do it your way

We know you sometimes like to cook your own recipe, so we'll always let you download the data as CSV file

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"Gathering return data is a win-win for our customers, our brand, and the planet."

Marius Valaker

Head of Digital, Holzweiler

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A smarter return process saves time, money, and is better for the planet.

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yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks.

Wendy Alexandre

Head of CX, Ysé                       


saved on return handling a month

yayloh has helped decrease incoming return status calls as customers can track the status in real-time."

Fredrika Häyry

CX Manager, Understatement


less customer calls

yayloh enables us to deliver a best-in-class post-purchase experience with a beautifully-branded digital return.

Louise Reznik

eCommerce Manager, Eytys


Customer satistaction

With the customer feedback collected by yayloh, we can change product descriptions to decrease returns.

John Wennerberg

Chief Digital Officer, Grandpa


Return rate reduction