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Increase customer satisfaction and convert 30% refunds into revenue with yayloh’s advanced exchange feature.

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The smoothest exchange process

We recognise that almost half of total returns are due to sizing issues. By allowing your customers to easily exchange an item in our digital return form for a different variant like size or colour, brands like Myrqvist have been able to retain 30% of their revenue.

Set your customers for a hassle-free return experience.

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Exchange workflow

With yayloh, there's no need to place new orders manually anymore. yayloh automatically place the new order in your OMS with your preferred trigger (i.e return in transit).

If you prefer to keep control, you can manually approve the exchange request whenever you decide. In this scenario, yayloh would show you when a specific item is running low in stock, helping you avoid potential out-of-stock situations.

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yayloh exchanges has been a game-changer for us. We can now hold on to as much revenue than we were able to in the past which is a very important KPI for us.

Jakob Lindqvist,
E-commerce Manager

Instant exchanges

To boost customer satisfaction you can decide to trigger the new exchange order before quality check. That way your clients get their new order faster.

You can also decide to treat only your VIP clients, using yayloh VIP segments feature. That way you reward your most loyal customers during the exchange process, triggering the shipping for the new order earlier than other customers.


Encourage exchanges over refunds

By giving an incentive to your customers to choose an exchange or store credit over a refund, you will boost your retention rate. yayloh can help you do that by charging fees only for refunds or by boosting store credits with a bonus.

See how Jeanerica retains revenue with yayloh

Exchange for any product of the same value

Your customers can exchange the items they purchased with any other product in your catalogue of the same monetary value so you can increase your chance of reconverting them.

Your refund rate will drop and your customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

Make a well-thought choice.

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