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As a return management solution exclusively dedicated to fashion, our mission is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint emissions of direct-to-consumer fashion brands. We have meticulously crafted a tailored analytics section with first-hand return insights to meet the specific needs of global DTC fashion brands that go beyond primary return reasons.

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First-hand insights

By collecting and structuring customer feedback, yayloh helps you deliver better customer service while reducing returns to ultimately boost profitability and sustainability.

Don’t stop at standard return reasons. We collect secondary data based on keywords and comments for you in order to have a brighter picture.



Get an overview in a wink of an eye to constantly monitor your return and exchange rate.

But, you can dig deeper and get access to data at product SKU level, return rate and return reasons per market, per category and much more! For even more in-depth insights, you can create your own custom categories and use them to block or analyse returns data for specific products.

After just a few weeks of sales, and based on feedback collected on yayloh, we changed a product description, resulting in a return rate reduction from 58% to 21% -a decrease of 37%.

Didrik Rasmussen,
Founder & CEO

yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks, enabling us to save 60 hours on return handling every month.

Wendy Alexandre,
Wendy Alexandre,

yayloh exchanges has been a game-changer for us. We can now hold on to as much revenue than we were able to in the past which is a very important KPI for us.

Jakob Lindqvist,
E-commerce Manager

Amazing that the store credit is given before the return is handled!

Thank you!

Customer Review

Processing international returns was a pain for us due to how time-consuming it was. The automation that yayloh gives us means that international returns are processed faster and in a more sustainable way.

Jakob Lindqvist,
E-commerce Manager

With most of our customers being non-EU, customs procedure is a must. With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson,
E-commerce Manager


Be on top of your cashflow management and plan inventory ahead with our pre-build financial datasets. You can check how fast your warehouse team is at inspecting returns and how efficient your customer service team is at processing them.

We know you sometimes like to cook your own recipe, so we'll always let you download the datasets in CVS format. You can also connect yayloh directly with your BI tool.

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