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Revolutionising commerce to maximise profitability

yayloh provides you with the means necessary to take your business to the next level and retain more revenue.

A simple yet tailored return experience can turn a pain point like returns into an opportunity to keep customers coming back with minimum effort required from you and your teams.

Cultivate lifelong relationships

Maintaining brand engagement throughout the post-purchase journey is essential for fostering customer loyalty. yayloh provides a fully customised return portal - confirmation email and tracking page - reflecting your brand's identity at every touchpoint.

This level of customisation empowers you to leverage the return experience as a powerful tool for communicating your core values and fostering a deeper connection with your customers. This way, you build a connection that goes beyond a one-time purchase.

Turn refunds into opportunities

We help you retaining your customers through an excellent return experience.

We help you turn returns into new opportunities through encouraging exchanges and store credits, effectively retaining both revenue and customers. This way, you transform returns into opportunities for repeat purchases, fostering long-term customer relationships.

decrease in return rate
revenue increase with exchanges
of revenue retention by offering store credit

A fully automated return flow

To ensure happy, loyal customers, quick and hassle-free returns are key.

Yet, manually managing returns can overwhelm your customer service team with countless customer emails and infinite hours spent on returns. yayloh revolutionizes your return process thanks to customizable automated return flows and customer segmentation capabilities. This way, you can provide personalised, efficient return experiences for every customer.

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