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Return shipping and logistics are a pain point for most e-retailers. It blocks you from optimizing and streamlining operations. At yayloh, we have mastered the art of reverse logistics.

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Go global, play local

yayloh integrates with all local European carriers (for example, Colissimo, PostNord, Bring) and global carriers (DHL, UPS) to support your international expansion. We also understand the limitations of international returns and customs clearance and we can automate custom invoices.

To elevate your worldwide return process, yayloh enables you to send confirmation emails with an auto-generated return label directly attached. With selected carriers, it is also possible to include auto-generated QR code return labels.


Keep your pre-negotiated rates

You don’t have to worry about increasing return shipping rates once you join yayloh.

We want to provide the smoothest and stress-free migration as we configure your different carriers using your contracts to start generating shipping labels. 

If you are using a TMS like nShift or Sendcloud, we can directly connect with your account to make the process even smoother.

Processing international returns was a pain for us due to how time-consuming it was. The automation that yayloh gives us means that international returns are processed faster and in a more sustainable way.

Jakob Lindqvist,
E-commerce Manager

Multi warehouses

With yayloh, you can set up different warehouses, stores and hubs to direct returns to. This flexibility allows you to strategically direct returns according to your preferences and the dynamics of your different online stores. Whether you prefer the returned package to be shipped to your warehouse, return hub or physical store, yayloh puts the control in your hands.

You have the freedom to choose the most suitable destination for returned packages, ensuring a seamless and tailored returns management experience that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.


Return shipping checkout

Customers have different preferences in terms of return shipping methods. Enable them to have the method that suits them best by letting them choose between all the different options. All of this in a single return form, in a few clicks.

They are free to choose between at home pick-up, a drop-off point and even which carrier they prefer among your selected ones. On your end, you can automatically apply different return fees based on the carrier selected by the customer.

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Increase customer satisfaction and convert 30% refunds into revenue with yayloh’s advanced exchange feature.

Store Credits

Enhance your return process by retaining revenue and encouraging your customers to purchase again with you thanks to having store credits as an option to refunds.

VIP Segments

Gaining new customers is important, but retaining existing customers is fundamental. And at yayloh, we follow this philosophy 110% with yayloh VIP Segments feature.

Automated Workflows

With yayloh you can customize your workflows according to your return policy (return window, refund fees), the level of automation you want to implement and your logistics set-up (shipping carriers, warehouses)

Cross-border returns

Throughout the years, we've observed the challenges many fashion brands face when scaling globally, particularly when it comes to reverse logistics...


As a return management solution exclusively dedicated to fashion, our mission is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint emissions of direct-to-consumer fashion brands. ..

In-store Returns

In case you have physical stores as well as your online store, yayloh provides you with a in-store returns solution.

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