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VIP Segments

Gaining new customers is important, but retaining existing customers is fundamental. And at yayloh, we follow this philosophy 110% with yayloh VIP Segments feature.

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How to segment customers

yayloh “VIP Segments” feature allows fashion brands to provide a special return experience for certain groups of customers. Currently, the VIP segment is configured based on below metrics:

Number of orders
Customer active since
Last order size
Number of returns

Reward your VIP clients

Once you have configured your VIP segment, you can start rewarding them. For example establish and set up differentiated fees or return windows for your regular and VIP customers.

One scenario could be to offer refunds free of charge for VIP customers, while a refund fee is in place for regular customers. Or, VIP customers are entitled to a longer return window than regular customers.

yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks, enabling us to save 60 hours on return handling every month.

Wendy Alexandre,
Wendy Alexandre,

Configure different refund and exchange triggers

Reward your VIP customers with faster exchanges and refunds.  Automate the return and exchange process for VIPs based on the trigger element you configure so that their request is processed faster completely effortlessly.

For example, in case of exchange, VIP customers will get the new order shipped once the original one is in transit while regular clients would get it shipped after quality check.

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