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yaylive, the loyalty podcast for DTC brands, presented by yayloh.

Retention is the holy grail of eCommerce growth these days. We are here to help you navigate this new era with concrete examples and practical advice while being inspired by great brand stories.

yaylive is a collection of conversations with successful DTC brands founders and industry experts to learn how to create and nurture long-lasting customer relationships, to grow fast and sustainably.

yaylive is hosted by the CEO and Co-Founder of yayloh, Sophie Aubard. Between two season, yaylive has welcomed guest of brands like GRANDPA, Polarn O. Pyret and Astrid Wild and ecommerce experts from companies like Shopify, Centra, Klaviyo and Juni.

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All episodes of yaylive

Creating a winning content strategy for your DTC brand with Antoine Goret, CMO at Crisp Chat

Cracking the sustainability paradox: when producing less means growing more with Johan Munck, CEO of Polarn O. Pyret

Human touch or chatbot automation, an e-commerce dilemma, with Henrik Fabrin, CEO of Certainly

How to champion commerce everywhere, with Susanne Holmsäter, Nordics Country Lead at Shopify

How to leverage UGC to build a community and drive sales, Victor Emilson, CEO of ROIROI

All you need to know to nail your global expansion, with Martin Jensen, CEO of Centra

How to Harness the Superpower of a Strong Brand, with Jonas Skommevik CEO of Grandpa

How to win the race in ecom: profitability vs. exponential growth, with Cian Wright from Juni

How to deliver a WOW customer service, with Emilie and Joakim, foudners of wowservice

A discussion about caps, inclusivity and brand responsibility, with Asim Khandker, co-founder at Stiksen

Drive loyalty by investing in post-purchase experience, with Paloma Truong, Head of CX at Miinto

Foster customer loyalty with email marketing, with Céline Dibert Partnerships Manager at Klaviyo

The power of co-creation to launch and grow a brand, with John-Ruben Holtback founder of UNNA

Increase loyalty with great Customer Support, with Louis, Partnership Manager at Gorgias

Leverage social media to increase retention, with Jemina Pomoell CEO of Astrid Wild

Power growth with the right payment solution with Benjamin Lang from Mollie

How to Build a Successful Brand, Sebastian Öhrn Founder of Myrqvist

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