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In-store Returns

In case you have physical stores as well as your online store, yayloh provides you with a in-store returns solution.

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An omnichannel experience

Because there is only retail nowadays yayloh solution can be deployed for a full omnichannel experience.

We take care of your in-store returns with yayloh dedicated return form. That way you’ll find everything on the same yayloh back-office with different tags available at a glance.


Offer your customers the option to drop in-store

With our return shipping check-out let your customers choose how they prefer to return their item. Many clients like to experience an in-store return and with the return check-out you can also encourage them to return in your physical stores.

Accepting returns in store can help you reduce logistics costs and put your items back to shelves fasted while improving your customers experience.

yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks, enabling us to save 60 hours on return handling every month.

Wendy Alexandre,
Wendy Alexandre,

Register your customers’ return directly in the store

Even if your customer hasn't initiated the return request online, your store personnel can effortlessly register it on the spot using the dedicated in-store return form.

Once the return has been registered with the order number, the request appears in the yayloh back office marked with a convenient "in-store" tag, ready for efficient processing and prompt refunds.

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