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Driving a more sustainable commerce forward

At yayloh, we developed innovative solutions that prioritise sustainability at every turn.

Hailing from Scandinavia, a region deeply committed to sustainability, we're dedicated to reshaping the fashion industry's huge environmental impact.

On a mission to reduce your return rate

Through a seamless and engaging return experience, we encourage customers to provide constructive and detailed feedback. As a result, you’re able to refine product descriptions or even make adjustments to the products themselves along with the production team, ultimately driving down return rates and minimizing environmental footprint.

We strive for a paperless return process

Tons of paper are usually employed throughout the return process. We believe in changing this by offering you digital, paperless, on-demand-generated return shipping labels.

Forget about pre-printed labels for each order, just generate the ones that are needed and send it over to your customers as a pdf or QR code. Save time and reduce paper consumption.

return labels saved from pre-printing
decrease in return rate
increase of in-store


Lead customers to more sustainable solutions

Return shipping methods can have a great impact on the environment. With yayloh, you have the opportunity to lead your customers towards more sustainable solutions. You have at your availability a wide range of return methods in our return shipping checkout feature, including in-store returns.

Empower your customers to
choose transportation options with lower carbon emissions, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

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