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Automated workflows

With yayloh you can customize your workflows according to your return policy (return window, refund fees), the level of automation you want to implement and your logistics set-up (shipping carriers, warehouses)

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Automate your return process

yayloh helps you automate return-related operations to eradicate useless manual work. You can automate any step of the way as you see fit. You can also set up different return fee rules to automatically deduct a specific amount based on the customer’s geographical location.

You're not locked into specific settings; you can adjust them at any time. This allows you to adjust the level of automation and your rules depending on peak or sales period for example.


Automate return label generation

yayloh integrates with international as well as local European carriers and multiple TMSs allowing you to automatically generate return labels, so that you can avoid pre-printing. With selected carriers it is also possible to create a QR code making your customers’ experience a lot easier without having to print..

yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks, enabling us to save 60 hours on return handling every month.

Wendy Alexandre,
Wendy Alexandre,

Deliver a premium experience to your VIP clients

yayloh VIP segmentation allows you to segment your clients either based on LTV or through connect to your loyalty platform to ensure they have a premium return experience.

For example, they can benefit from free returns while regular clients would be charged a refund fee. You can also process their refund and exchange requests before their order arrives at the warehouse or goes through quality check.


Automate customs invoices generation

International returns have never required less work. yayloh allows you to focus on important tasks while it takes care of international returns’ most painful part: customs invoices.

Thanks to its several integration with carriers, you can create digital, pre-filled invoices with FedEx. It gets even better. With DHL everything is dealt with paperless thanks to Paperless Technology.

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