yaylive Ep. 1 - How to Build a Successful Brand with Sebastian Öhrn

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

yaylive is a collection of conversations with successful DTC brands founders and industry experts to learn how to create and nurture long-lasting customer relationships, to grow fast and sustainably. Retention is the holy grail of eCommerce growth these days and we are here to help you navigate this with concrete examples, practical advice while being inspired by great brand stories.

This episode welcomes Sebastian Öhrn, founder of Myrqvist, a handcrafted shoe brand ready to disrupt the traditional business model by selling direct to consumer. We're going to look back at the start of Myrqvist, what has been key to the brand success and more particularly what have been the main drivers to Myrqvist customer's loyalty and how to apply them to your brand.

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