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Balibaris migrates to Shopify Plus and levels up the return process with yayloh

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

Get to know Balibaris

Balibaris is a men's ready-to-wear French brand created in 2010 that reinvents men's closets with the ambition to offer them an ideal wardrobe. The collections assert themselves from season to season and unite around noble materials and excellent quality that create the French elegance and casual style.

Today, Balibaris has more than 50 stores in France, and the UK combined, with a plan to expand to 100 points of sale globally in the next five years. Aside from the stores, Balibaris has an e-shop that delivers globally.

Balibaris is a men's ready-to-wear French brand created in 2010

The problem — limitations with a custom-developed return solution

Balibaris' growth prompted an increase in returns, which urged the brand to build a custom-developed return management solution on their Prestashop store to automate return operations. The solution, which was costly, long to develop and required constant maintenance, finally disappointed the team.

Processing returns still required a lot of manual work, and customers would not be able to track their returns, which would prompt them to contact customer support for updates. On top of that, collaboration with the warehouse was poorly handled, and data was not collected properly.

  • Team inefficiency — While the customers had a digital form to process their returns, all operations for the Balibaris team and third-party collaborators were manual; for example, processing refunds on Prestashop after the return was inspected after a tedious manual process.
  • Brand deterioration — Once the team processed a return, customers couldn't proactively be informed of the return status. They would have to contact customer support if there was a delay or issue with their return. This inefficiency during the return process was damaging the brand's name.

We realized that we needed to automate the return process when sales started to pick up, and so did returns. At the time, we decided to build our solution because we didn't find a software that fulfilled all of our requirements. The solution automated some return operations, mainly on the customers’ side but required a lot of manual work for our team. As we scaled further, we comprehended that Balibaris needed to automate the return process entirely, and that's when we found yayloh.Isabelle Koppe, Head of Digital

Goal — Scale the brand to the digital space.

Balibaris' growth in the last two years motivated the team to invest in the online channel. For the scalability plans to work, they decided to move from Prestashop to Shopify Plus to create a much more robust and capable online store and gain access to a broader library of apps and integrations. During their migration to Shopify, they spent a lot of time thinking about their return process, which they had long overlooked. The team realized that if they wanted to grow their brand while building long-term customer loyalty, they couldn't ignore the post-sales journey. And that's why Shopify and yayloh were a no-brainer.

Balibaris' goal when partnering with yayloh was quite clear: to carry their brand to the digital space by offering a fully digital post-purchase experience to increase customer loyalty and enhance team efficiency.

Balibaris’ digital return form powered by yayloh

With yayloh, we halved the time spent on returns by Customer Support. Their native integration with Gorgias is also a big time-saver for the team. — Nesrine Dridi, Customer Support Manager

Solution — yayloh, a return management software to automate return operations

yayloh's digital return process positively impacts all parties involved in the return process, from the in-house team, especially customer support, to third-party integrations and collaborators. It's a big time-saver, productivity amplifier, and customer loyalty booster.

Supercharge the return process with automation

yayloh automates return operations, from sending automated shipping labels and status confirmation emails to the customers to processing refunds, exchanges and claims. yayloh fosters collaboration with third-party organizations like 3PLs to make the return process smooth for all parties involved.

Balibaris 3PL, LogTex, uses yayloh to update the inspection status. With yayloh, when the return inspection status is updated, it syncs for all parties involved, making the return process faster and more efficient. Once the status is approved or rejected, Balibaris’ customer support team can either proceed with the refund or store credit or decline the return.

"With yayloh in place, handling returns is extremely easy for Logtex's team. Instead of manually sending emails or excel files, the return status is shared in one click directly on yayloh platform with Balibaris Customer Support. Time-saving at its best for both parties!"Morgane BABOT-BOIVIN, Account Manager, Logtex

yayloh allows for a better collaboration between Balibaris and their 3PL, LogTEx

Build a memorable customer and brand experience

Automating the return process also means offering a digital solution for your customers. With yayloh, Balibaris offers their customers a fully digital return form that enables them to process the return at their own pace and directly from their phones. Not only that, but once the return is processed, the customers can track its status through a branded tracking page that allows them to stay connected to the brand and its products. By staying connected to the brand, trust increases, and one-time customers feel inspired and certain to buy again, boosting customer loyalty.

Balibaris' return tracking page powered by yayloh

Digital return process for a high-performing team and loyal customers

The team was set on two essential missions to invest in taking Balibaris to the digital space. Shifting to Shopify Plus to have a more robust and scalable store and empower the post-purchase experience to retain customers. With yayloh, Balibaris implements a time-saving return management platform that positively impacts its team and boosts customer loyalty by delivering a fully-digital post-purchase process.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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yayloh builds an advanced two-way integration with Ongoing WMS to supercharge the return process for merchants and 3PLs using both softwares

yayloh builds an advanced two-way integration with Ongoing WMS to supercharge the return process for merchants and 3PL using both softwares.

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