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032c bets on brand experience to boost customer loyalty

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

Get to know 032c

032c is a magazine and apparel brand founded in 2012. The workshop in Berlin serves as a production and research centre where the team assesses and contributes to contemporary culture. The findings are published digitally and as a collectable manual for freedom, research, and creativity, printed twice annually.

Named one of fashion's most influential cult publications by Business of Fashion, 032c kicked off an apparel collection in 2015, generating €350k in sales that same year. Now, six years later, it's one of Germany's most well-known and international apparel brands with a big social media following, especially on Instagram, where the brand has a community of more than 280k followers.

The problem: Failing to deliver brand experience during the return process

Brand identity and design have been vital to 032c's success. While both are strongly present throughout the purchase process, with a manual return experience, there is no space to showcase 032c's distinctive design and brand identity during the post-purchase journey.

Additionally, with a manual return process, 032c can't have an overview of all returns and do not have a good way to track and manage them. This affects team productivity and has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. On top of the laborious process, 032c can't showcase the brand's distinctive positioning during the post-purchase journey, which affects the brand's reputation.

To preserve and increase customer loyalty, the team at 032c started looking for a software solution to elevate their brand and offer a fully digital experience during the post-purchase journey. With yayloh return management software, 032c can showcases its brand identity throughout the entire return journey, plus the process is fully digital and entirely self-service for customers. These three traits caught 032c's attention and proactively reached out to yayloh.

Our brand makes 032c unique, hence why it's essential to make sure it is showcased throughout the entire customer journey. Partnering with yayloh allows us to design and brand the return process to our guidelines and have our brand present when our customers most need to know we're there for them.
Joerg Koch, Founder.

The solution: joyful and efficient return experience

yayloh's plug and play solution seamlessly integrated with 032c's Shopify store. In a matter of days, the return management solution was up and running. yayloh proved to be the ideal choice of return management software because it solves 032c's two main issues: lack of design freedom and brand presence post-purchase and swamped customer service.

With a self-service return process, 032c minimises customer service calls, allowing customer service to focus on more adding value tasks.

By automating processes [with yayloh], the customer service team has reduced calls and messages. This way, we can prioritize our customer service team's focus on more complex tasks. It makes a difference in the quality we can provide to our customers.
Emma Gyllstroem, Studio Manager Assistant.

Extending the brand experience with a digital return form

yayloh customised the brand's digital return form to an advanced level to match 032c's distinctive design and brand guidelines. The big fonts and contrast between monochromatic and red play a big part in the tailored digital return journey.

With the brand's unique attributes present throughout the return process, the customer feels safe and comforted as they never leave the brand atmosphere. It's precisely this brand cohesion during the whole customer journey that increases customer loyalty and retention, significantly impacting its profitability.

Digital Return Form Powered by yayloh
Digital Return Form Powered by yayloh

Self-service return process to minimise customer calls

Without a direct communication channel with the brand, customers turned to Instagram DMs to complain and ask about the status of their return.

The return process powered by yayloh is entirely digital, self-service and very user-friendly. Customers gain access to a digital return form to select the return reason and leave a comment with further details. When the return is accepted, they receive a fully branded automated but personalised email with a return shipping label, making them feel special and adequately cared for.

Before yayloh, the customers turned to Instagram to complain about their return, and it became unbearable. I had to take care of this. Partnering with yayloh allowed us to have a more direct and controlled channel of communication with our customers, and the number of complaints coming from Instagram DMs decreased dramatically.
Joerg Koch, Founder.

An engagement platform with customers

With yayloh, customers can engage with the brand and share more about why they are returning. Then 032c access key metrics and statistics that allow the team to study all return reasons at the product and category level. With this valuable data, the German brand can improve the product sizing and descriptions to minimise returns and boost profitability.

yayloh collects and analyses data on returns to help us see problems with our products and adapt sizing charts and product descriptions to reduce returns. It's a great tool to spot issues with our product, and it's also a great way to engage the customers with the brand. -
Emma Gyllstroem, Studio Manager Assistant

By partnering with yayloh, 032c shifts to a completely digital return process to boost team performance by automating processes and increasing customer retention by offering a joyful and easy return experience to their customers, always keeping their brand at the centre.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

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