Stiksen saves hours processing returns by partnering with yayloh

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With yayloh, Stiksen delivers a more sustainable and automated return process

Get to know Stiksen

Stiksen is a Swedish brand that believes caps are as important as other pieces of clothing. Founded in 2019, the brand offers minimalistic caps for all occasions. They are working to break away from fast fashion by building a sustainable and moral brand. All their products are made from sustainable fabrics and high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Since 2019, Stiksen has been growing as a brand and product offering. The Swedish brand aims to spend less time on manual work by automating parts of the customer journey. In this study, we will focus on how the yayloh return management platform automates the return process.

Stiksen is a Swedish brand that designs premium caps created in 2019

Before yayloh — a manual return process becomes unsustainable as the brand grows.

Stiksen's manual return management process was time-consuming. When a customer wanted to process a return, the customer had to email Stiksen. The brand forwarded it to their 3PL, who generated and sent the customer the return shipping label via email.

We want to be as sustainable as possible. It was clear that we didn't want to pre-print return shipping labels. That, unfortunately, meant that we had to handle returns via email. Our warehouse had to generate return labels manually, which became a lot of work as we grew. On top of that, it was affecting the customer experience. — Asim Khandker, Founder at Stiksen

The goal — an automated and sustainable return process

Stiksen realised that a manual return process wouldn't be sustainable for very long. To fix this issue, the brand downloaded yayloh from the Shopify App Store. After a quick install, Stiksen was ready to digitise all return operations.

We got to know about yayloh through our 3PL, Belwrk. The whole onboarding process was very easy with their Shopify App. We were able to customise the return process with our brand identity. Everything was up and running in no time. Asim Khandker, Founder at Stiksen

Stiksen’s digital return form powered by yayloh

With yayloh — quick and effortless return management process

Stiksen knew that having a digital return process from the early days was a safe bet for the future. With excellent ground processes, scaling a brand is much easier.

Save time by automating all return operations.

The yayloh dashboard syncs all return information for Stiksen and third-party collaborators. That's the case for Stiksen and their 3PL. Belwrk manages the brands’ logistics, returns and refunds. On top of that, Belwrk also profits from yayloh's integration with Ongoing WMS. This integration eases the inspection and refund process for Belwrk. The inspection information syncs across all platforms and refunds from yayloh into Shopify.

The integration between yayloh and Ongoing improves the return management process. Everyone who works with order flows knows that the number of “clicks” equals valuable time. This integration has reduced the number of clicks. We're, thus, very pleased with how the integration is set up. — Emma Friberg Jonnarth, COO at Belwrk

Stiksen’s digital return form powered by yayloh

Automated return label generation

Sticking with their sustainability values, Stiksen never pre-printed return labels. Consequently, they spent valuable time exchanging emails between customers, Stiksen and their 3PL. With yayloh, only the customers who need to return their product print their return label. Customers in Sweden and Norway can enjoy Postnord's QR codes to return items. This feature makes the process paperless.

When a return label is generated, yayloh saves the return tracking number. This information is also sent to the customer and Stiksen team for better tracking.

yayloh automates all manual work, allowing us to handle all returns quickly. For example, yayloh calculates the amount to be refunded automatically. We used to do these manually and one order at a time. Now, with yayloh, we don't have to spend time with that anymore. It gives us the chance to focus on other parts of the business.

Asim Khandker, Founder at Stiksen

yayloh helps Stiksen and its partners save hours processing returns

After three years in the market, Stiksen found the need to be more effective. yayloh automates processes to help the team save hours of work and prioritise. On the customer side, yayloh helps Stiksen boost customer loyalty and brand trust. With a branded return process, they never leave the brand's atmosphere and feel supported.

Being able to customise the return process plays a big part on boosting customer loyalty. Customers never leave our brand's atmosphere; they feel supported. Thanks to automation, we've seen a massive decrease in customer messages. This spars us time to work on improving our products - to cater better to our customers.
Asim Khandker, Founder at Stiksen

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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