yayloh builds an advanced two-way integration with Ongoing WMS to supercharge the return process for merchants and 3PLs using both softwares

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yayloh is the loyalty-first return management software that automates the return flow, helping retailers streamline operations, increase customer loyalty and reduce returns.

On top of must-have CMS integrations, yayloh is always building new native integrations to deliver more value to our merchants. We have now 30+ national and international integrations available, including eCommerce platforms, shipping providers and Helpdesks to make the eCommerce experience, and especially the post-purchase journey, seamless. Today we’re proud to announce an advanced two-way integration with the leading Nordic warehouse management system (WMS), Ongoing.

Ongoing is a web-based warehouse management system (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies such as 3PL and those managing their warehousing. With a strong focus on the Nordics, Ongoing is expanding over Europe and globally.

At yayloh, we know that warehouse management is an essential part of the return process. If it doesn’t run smoothly, it can overcomplicate and delay the return process for the customer, which can lead to a bad brand experience and the unwillingness to shop at the brand again. This integration aims to speed up the process for both teams, warehouse and customer service, but most importantly, for the warehouse team to have a good overview of the returns coming in so that they can plan accordingly.

Your warehouse personnel will save time by integrating yayloh with Ongoing WMS as all returned items get automatically pre-filled in Ongoing. Regardless of the final call, discard or accept the returned product, yayloh automatically updates the status (from Ongoing) on the return management dashboard to make it easily accessible to the customer support team. Keeping in mind that the return management flow is not necessarily the same at all warehouses, each warehouse will be able to set up its flow when setting up the integration.

We’re thrilled to see the results of this integration at one of our 3PL partners in Sweden, Belwrk.

The integration between Ongoing and yayloh makes the return flow extremely seamless for our operators; we save hours processing returns with yayloh. No more creating return orders one by one in Ongoing, no more emails nor spreadsheets to communicate with our merchants; everything is synched! It’s a time-saving at its best for everyone involved.” Emma Friberg Jonnarth, COO at Belwrk.

If you want to learn more about our integration with Ongoing or any of our integrations, don’t hesitate to reach out.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

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