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Macade Golf goes global, seamlessly, with yayloh return management platform

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

With yayloh, Macade Golf processes international returns 3 times faster. The return management platform automates return label and customs invoice generation.

Get to know Macade Golf

Macade Golf is a Swedish brand focused on golf clothing. Founded in 2019, they produce high-performance clothing paired with a modern sports fit. In just three years, Macade Golf has grown impressively from a small brand to making a name for itself in the golf world.

This growth is reflected in their customer base. The US, England and Canada are in the top 5 countries with the highest numbers of golf courses in the world. It’s no surprise to learn that 70% of Macade Golf's customers come from the countries mentioned above.

With the overseas expansion came new challenges, especially regarding handling logistics and customs. Macade Golf needed a more efficient way to handle international returns.

Before yayloh — A cumbersome international return process

Customers had to email the brand, who would then email back the return labels and customs invoice. Too many touchpoints. 🤯

With global expansion, customs clearance became a problem for the brand and its customers. With mostly non-EU customers (70%), manually creating customs invoices and return labels became very time-consuming for the team. As for the customers, it was also a complicated process.

“Everything we do at Macade Golf is extremely lean, so time is crucial. Customs procedures were an obvious bottleneck. On the customer side, everything was also manual, and we could perceive that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for them. It was affecting our customer loyalty.” Peder Gulliksson, eCommerce Manager at Macade Golf

The goal — Streamline international returns management

Fuelled by the brand’s international growth, Macade Golf understood that customs invoices and returns could not be handled manually anymore. After researching return management software, they downloaded yayloh from the Shopify App Store. They decided to go with yayloh because it’s the only solution that automates customs invoices for FedEx.

"We did extensive market research on return management platforms, and yayloh was the only one catering to our needs regarding international returns. On top of that, the entire onboarding process was straightforward with their Shopify App. The return process is tailored to match our brand image, and everything was up and running quickly." Peder Gulliksson, eCommerce Manager at Macade Golf

Macade Golf digital return form powered by yayloh

With yayloh — International returns are processed 3 times faster

Return label and customs invoice generation are fully automated thanks to yayloh’s integrations with FedEx and DHL. On the other hand, as a Shopify brand, Macade Golf also enjoys automated refunds directly from the yayloh back office.

Automated return label and customs invoice generation

Once a return form is completed, yayloh automatically sends an email to the customer, including the return label and customs invoice on behalf of Macade Golf. That way, the customer doesn’t have to wait for the Macade Golf team to process this manually, making the process seamless for all parties involved. 🥳

Return Tracking Page powered by yayloh

"With most of our customers being non-EU, customs procedure is a must. With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a more enjoyable experience. yayloh cuts back and forth email communication with automated emails and customers get access to a return tracking page allows customers to keep track of their return". Peder Gulliksson eCommerce Manager at Macade Golf.

Refunds and store credits made easy

yayloh’s integration with Shopify allows the team to automatically send a refund or store credit to the customer from yayloh's back office. Offering store credit as an option allows the brand to retain 30% of its revenue. 

Issues with international returns? Not anymore with yayloh

After jumping into the global scene, Macade Golf needed a solution to manage its returns. yayloh provides a fully automated return management process that solves the brand’s main issue: customs invoice generation. With partnerships with DHL and FedEx, yayloh automates the whole process for the brand, saving them hours of work.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a much more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson

eCom Manager, Macade Golf


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