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ANJA automates the return process to boost team performance with yayloh

Understatement is an underwear brand that empowers women

yayloh helps ANJA deliver a top-notch return experience to its customers by automating the return process

Get to know ANJA

ANJA Paris is a feminine swimwear brand. It was created in 2017 by Alexandra Thiltgès, out of a woman's observation that "finding good-quality, affordable swimsuits with refined colours and cuts is a real challenge". In addition to swimwear, ANJA's product portfolio includes L'Eau d'ANJA, an olfactory signature made from quality natural ingredients and some organic materials.

Although claiming not to be 100% ecological, flawless and perfect, ANJA does its best to work with CSR partners who respect employees, quality fabrics and noble raw materials.

ANJA Paris is a feminine swimwear brand created in 2017

Automate returns to fuel growth

ANJA set up its online store in collaboration with Agence PM, a Shopify agency specialising in DTC brands. Like many, the brand started handling return manually; however, as ANJA began to grow and sell internationally the need to automate the return process became inevitable. Higher sales unfortunately always lead to a more significant number of returns and complications in managing logistics.

A manual return process can prompt human-caused errors and prevents the brand from engaging with its customers, slowing down the process and leaving the team without any control over their returns. Inefficiencies in handling returns can lead to unhappy and uninformed customers without proper return tracking in place and, consequently, brand deterioration.

"A manual return process was putting the breaks on our international growth. Agence PM, our Shopify Agency, recommended yayloh as a customer-centric return platform with a really good Shopify integration. It was a no brainer." — Lucie Hanon, Head of Growth

The Problem

ANJA's manual return process brought up many problems
With a manual return process, ANJA's team has no control over returns

Aiming to automate the return process while delivering a smooth return experience, ANJA decided to partner with yayloh return management solution.

The solution: automate the return process

ANJA's collaboration with yayloh aims to automate its return process to help the brand grow internationally whilst delivering a top-notch customer experience.

Performance and productivity boost

yayloh helps boost customer support performance with a collaborative return ticketing system and allows ANJA's team to proactively engage with customers when needed, based on customers comments.

"With yayloh, we gain access to a return management platform that streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work." — Lucie Hanon, Head of Growth

Gather data to reduce the return rate

Additionally, yayloh allows ANJA to collect data on why the returned products in an engaging manner during the return process. Before yayloh implementation, ANJA customers were filling in return reason on a paper form and their 3PL was reporting manually return reasons. As a result, not only it was time consuming but data quality was poor.

Now, according to customers' feedback available on yayloh dashboard, the brand can improve customer experience by adjusting the sizing guide, product pictures and description.

"The tool also gathers and analyses return reasons to quickly help us spot problems on our products and make the necessary adjustments based directly on customer feedback. The data analytics tool is a great feature to reduce the return rate. — Lucie Hanon, Head of Growth

Digitalise to delight customers

With a digital return process, customers have the upper hand; they're able to submit the return request at their own pace and be updated on the return status along the way. On top of being in control, the return process is fully branded and allows them to continue engaging with the brand at all times, building loyalty and boosting retention.

ANJA's Return tracking page powered by yayloh
"Our brand is present at all times during the return process, which reassures our customers and keeps them in touch with us and our products at all times. The process is very intuitive and the design of the platform is beautiful." — Lucie Hanon, Head of Growth

Level up customer experience by automating returns

yayloh allows ANJA Paris to efficiently respond to a higher number of returns through an automated return process. In addition, by enabling customers to start a return anywhere at any time, keeping them informed throughout the whole return process and giving them the possibility to engage and share their feedback, ANJA builds a relationship based on trust with its customers, ensuring long-term success.

"yayloh return management platform streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work."

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth, ANJA Paris

Save countless hours with yayloh

How it works

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