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At yayloh, we are designed to meet the unique needs of fashion and lifestyle brands. Our solution makes it easy for you to take your brand global with confidence.

Join trailblazing global DTC brands using yayloh daily:

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Elevate your brand during the return process

Our advanced branding allows you to customise every aspect of the return process, from the logo to the buttons on our digital return form. This creates a consistent brand experience for your customers, which is important for retaining them.

With your branding present at every stage, including return confirmation emails and tracking pages, your customers will feel more secure and are more likely to order again. 😉

Integrated with your tech-stack

Tailored to DTC brands’ needs, we offer seamless integration with the best platforms and apps in the ecosystem.

You can download our app directly on Shopify App Store, integrate with a click via API with Centra, and connect your favourite tools, like Gorgias, Zendesk and Klaviyo, to name a few.

Why pay for integration costs when everything is at your fingertips? 💸

yayloh is a powerful yet more affordable alternative

We are built for DTC brands, and so we understand how critical a returns solution is for growth plans and team morale.

With our flexible pricing, you can start using yayloh as soon as you set up your online store and grow with us without any surprises.

We give you more valuable return data

While Inretrn offers options to explore return data and customer comments, yayloh's advanced returns data and multiple dashboards deliver much more detailed information about your returns.

At first glance, our dashboards offer quick insights for faster decision-making. You can also access detailed returns data, including refund speed, outstanding cash, and specific customer segments. Best of all, these features are included in all our plans for you to enjoy! 😉

A manual return process was putting the breaks on our international growth. With yayloh, we gain access to a return management platform that streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work.

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth at ANJA Paris

Stiksen moves on from a manual return process to yayloh to save time and scale faster

yayloh automates all manual work allowing Stiksen to handle all returns fast. The return management platform calculates the amount to be refunded and generates and sends return labels automatically.

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Manage all return operations within yayloh and integrate with your existing tech stack to supercharge the post-purchase journey. Save time, boost customer loyalty and reduce returns — all in one place.

yayloh fits into your ecommerce stack like a puzzle

yayloh integrates with the main ecommerce platforms and software solutions so that you can continue working the same way you’ve always done. Just with an extra hand regarding returns.

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With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a much more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson

eCom Manager, Macade Golf


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