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yayloh is THE expert solution for the fashion industry and cross-border returns

The yayloh returns management platform is designed to meet the unique needs of international fashion brands. Our solution enables you to scale your brand globally with confidence.

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Solid expertise in the fashion industry

yayloh stands out for its exclusive expertise in the fashion industry, offering a tailored approach to meet specific needs.

In the fashion sector, nearly half of returns are due to sizing issues. Our solution simplifies exchanges, allowing us to reduce the refund rate for our partner brands by over 30%. Additionally, by providing accurate and detailed product information, our platform enables production and merchandising teams to effectively improve products and their descriptions, thus sustainably reducing return rates.

Strategic support towards international growth

yayloh is the ideal partner for brands looking to expand their global presence. With our experience in France, Benelux, and Scandinavia, we assist numerous brands in their global expansion, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our approach offers innovative solutions for efficiently managing cross-border returns. By digitizing customs invoices and enabling the configuration of multiple warehouses, yayloh simplifies return management on an international scale.

If the US is on your radar, look no further. Our native integrations with local carriers such as FedEx domestic and USPS, along with our partner hubs, ensure a seamless and optimal local customer experience

yayloh is a reliable and longstanding partner

Recognized as a trusted partner, we manage nearly half a million returns for a hundred fashion brands across various European markets, and have been doing so for over 4 years. As experts in return management, we provide continuous support to our clients, helping them improve their processes, reduce costs, and minimize refund rates. Our long-standing client base and strong collaboration with industry leaders such as Shopify, Gorgias, and Klaviyo attest to this.

yayloh is the ONLY return management solution in Europe to have been referenced as an official partner in the Gorgias App Store.

Total customization for a unique brand experience

We believe in the power of visual identity to strengthen the relationship between a brand and its customers. That's why we offer the only returns management platform that allows for total customization of your return form.

With yayloh, brands can create personalized return forms that perfectly reflect their positioning. This enables brands to stand out in a competitive market by providing their customers with a consistent and engaging brand experience at every step of the return process.

A manual return process was putting the breaks on our international growth. With yayloh, we gain access to a return management platform that streamlines operations, saving our team hours of manual work.

Lucie Hanon

Head of Growth at ANJA PAris

Ysé has seen a noticeable impact on her revenue since she began working with the yayloh solution

Ysé has noticed a difference in her revenue since she started working with the yayloh solution. Thanks to it, she has observed a significant improvement in her commercial performance. By automating all manual tasks related to return processing, Ysé saves up to 60 hours of work per month.

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We provide you with the tool and offer you the opportunity to customise it according to your own guidelines. Easily integrate it into your platform.

yayloh fits into your ecommerce stack like a puzzle

yayloh integrates with the main ecommerce platforms and software solutions so that you can continue working the same way you’ve always done. Just with an extra hand regarding returns.

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With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a much more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson

eCom Manager, Macade Golf


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