yayloh integration with Posti

yayloh integration with Posti

yayloh integrates with Posti to offer a smoother return experience in for brands working in Finland.

What does yayloh integration with Posti offer?


Automate Return Label Generation

No more sending emails to each customer or adding shipping labels to all orders. Save hundreds of hours by automatically generating return shipping labels to avoid pre-printing or go paperless with QR codes.


Preserve brand identity

Return status update emails from carrier companies aren't museum material, and they could damage your brand in the long run. Ensuring your customers are connected with your brand during the return process is essential for trust and retention. With yayloh, you can customise return confirmation emails and offer a branded return tracking page for your customers to track their return live and stay connected to your brand's atmosphere.

Full synchronization between both platforms

All return operations and information automatically updates across both platforms to smoothen the return process and allow for better team collaboration.

Control the entire return process

Based on your brand’s return policy, you can use yayloh return management platform to process all returns, exchanges, claims and warranty requests sent by your customers.

Restock returned items

If Shopify is your master of stock, yayloh streamlines the process by allowing restock of all returned items while processing the refund/store credit. Time-saving at its best!

Multi-store set up

If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant or you have multiple Shopify Stores yayloh platform will sync with each store separately, offer an individual return process per Shopify Store but a single back office access for more convenience!

Increase retention with store credits

Boost customer loyalty and simplify exchanges by allowing your customers to choose their desired return option. The integration with yayloh allows sending store credit and gift cards directly from the return management platform.

Supercharge your returns management process

Is your brand already using Posti?

Unlock the full potential with yayloh

More available features

Digital Return Form

A joyful digital return experience for your customers . No more paper, no frantic emails, no stress

Return Management Platform

Boost customer support performance with a collaborative return ticketing system

Shipping label generation

Automate shipping label generation, multiple carriers can be used depending on the market

Tracking page

Allow customers to sit back and relax with a return tracking page and SMS notifications

Warehouse Sync

Receive real-time updates on warehouse inspection status, avoiding back and forth emails

Data Analytics

Collect all return data provided by customers in a structured way and use it to reduce returns

Automated Refunds

Increase retention by giving your customers more return options to stay connected to your brand.

In-Store returns

Increase customer loyalty by offering your customers the flexibility of returning online orders in-store.

These brands are already getting results, when will you?

A smarter return process saves time, money, and is better for the planet.

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yayloh allows us to handle all returns extremely quickly and smoothly by automating all manual tasks.

Wendy Alexandre

Head of CX, Ysé                       


saved on return handling a month

Through yayloh, custom invoices are automatically generated when customers register their returns, greatly enhancing the return process and overall customer experience

Nicky Dar,

E-commerce coordinator, Stand Studio

International returns handled



Partnering with yayloh allowed us to have a more direct and controlled channel of communication with our customers.

Joerg Koch

Founder, 032c


Less complain messages on IG

Our customers also love how easy it is to request an exchange through yayloh and check the availability of our items.

Florencia Nery

Customer Care Manager, Ron Dorff


exchange rate increase

See what yayloh can do for you

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Audit of your current return process
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Return policy and return rate analysis
Discover yayloh and see if it could help you

With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a much more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson

eCom Manager, Macade Golf


times faster processing returns

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