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yayloh is a return management expert; Sendcloud is not

If you’re looking for a shipping partner, we won’t stop you from going with Sendcloud. If want a solution to manage your returns, then that’s yayloh’s speciality.

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See why fast-growing DTC brands choose yayloh

We are the return experts

We develop our return management platform in close collaboration with fast-growing global DTC brands, which allows us to be on top of their needs and focus our roadmap on these.

With an agile attitude and a customer-centric approach, we constantly develop our solution with more features and integrations to deliver more value.

We don’t see ourselves only as a software but also as a partner. We always share best practices with our customers based on what we see in the industry to help them further.

Automation to save hundreds of hours

With yayloh not only will you digitalise the customer experience but your customer support team will only focus on added-value tasks.

By automating refunds and store credits based on pre-set triggers (example, parcel is in transit or inspected at the warehouse) no more time spent refunding manually. To go one step further you can even segment your customers to treat your VIPs with fast refunds.

Our customers spend in average 3 times less managing returns, we would love for you to do the same.

Improve with more return data

Sendcloud has the provision for a small analytics section dedicated to returns.

yayloh instead provides you with more advanced return data. At a first glance in our dashboard, you can monitor your return situation to take immediate action.

To dive deep into your data, you can use our datasets which can be used for different purposes. For example, get to know how fast you’re refunding your customers, how much cash you have out or enrol specific customer segments into your re-conversion campaign. All of that included in all our plans for you to enjoy 😉

With yayloh, we don't have to spend time refunding returns manually as yayloh calculates the amount to be refunded and automates the process. With this taken care of we can focus on other parts of the business."

Asim Khandker

Founder at Stiksen

Ysé puts returns on autopilot with yayloh to save +60 hours a month

By integrating with yayloh, Ysé now offers a branded digital return solution to customers and a fully-automated return management process for their team. With yayloh, Ysé prevails its customer-centric and digital-first core values.

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Check out ALL you can get with yayloh compared to Sendcloud

We provide the tool and let you customise it to your own guidelines. Easily integrate with your ecommerce platform and tech stack.

yayloh fits into your ecommerce stack like a puzzle

yayloh integrates with the main ecommerce platforms and software solutions so that you can continue working the same way you’ve always done. Just with an extra hand regarding returns.

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Make a well-thought choice.

Choose the right return management platform

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With automation, our team saves countless hours, and our customers have a much more enjoyable experience.

Peder Gulliksson

eCom Manager, Macade Golf


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