GRANDPA attains the retail trifecta with yayloh
Happy customers, eco-friendly logistics and flourishing bottom lines

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When it comes to trending chic Scandinavian flair, with a bit of vintage and hipster thrown into the mix, you cannot go wrong with Grandpa. Promising a carefully curated collection of distinctive styles, best-in-class service and environmentally conscious sourcing, Grandpa is obsessed with delivering a lasting positive impression both for your home and for this planet.

Targeting the Triple Bottom Line

People, Profit and the Planet

Delivering speedy and seamless returns as a renowned international brand can be a daunting task. Especially when trying to maintain the highest standards of environmental sustainability and customer experience, despite squeezing profit margins. 
With a team of motivated employees in tow, Grandpa set foot into implementing this digital strategy alongside yayloh, and the turnaround was immediate and rewarding for everyone! 

The problem

Email-driven return policy
Grandpa’s email-driven return policy lacked digitalization, which turned out to be time-consuming for both, customers and customer service team. 
User Experience2_left.png
Inefficient return process
This communication method slowed down the process, left customers worried and Grandpa’s team without any control on their returns flow.
Carbon footprint_left.png
Big environmental impact
Without a clear look and structure on returns, preserving Grandpa’s sustainability values becomes complicated.

With a fast-expanding clientele and growing cross-border popularity, Grandpa’s goal was fairly straightforward when partnering with yayloh - transform their email-driven returns policy into a digital user-friendly platform, that helps streamline customer service processes while preserving the values of sustainability and customer-centric service to the core.

The yayloh solution: omnichannel strategy

Whether it’s about reducing return handling costs, delivering faster returns, offering post-purchase mobility or cutting down the unnecessary carbon footprint, you cannot go wrong with an omnichannel strategy. 

Leveraging yayloh’s data-driven solution and technical expertise has reinforced Grandpa’s omnichannel efforts, allowing them to facilitate faster refund processes. Proceeding returns in 4 simple clicks in the store has never been so easy!

John Palm 
E-commerce Manager at Grandpa 

Starting day one after the implementation of yayloh we saw immediate effects on our workflow - saving hours for our customer service team, increasing our omnichannel efforts and most importantly: gave our customers a more smooth and user-friendly experience.

4,7  5

customer satisfaction


customer support time spent on returns


store staff time spent on returns


Benefits of in-store returns

Furthermore, delivering such a great in-store return experience, Grandpa has been successful in incentivizing customers to return apparel in nearby stores. This allows Grandpa to significantly slice down operational costs while providing tailored experiences that help increase the chances of making sales in a sustainable fashion.

In-Store shopping_right.png
Save money_right.png
Excellent in-store return experience
Cut operational costs
Tailored experiences for the customers
More sustainable
John Palm 
E-commerce Manager at Grandpa 

The store personnel couldn’t be happier - returning web orders was very cumbersome for everyone involved before. I recommend yayloh for any e-Commerce company that’s struggling with their return flow - and who isn’t?

Turning return insights into business decisions

With yayloh, Grandpa gets access to incredibly valuable customer feedback, allowing the brand to know its customers at an advanced level.


Reduce returns

With yayloh, Grandpa has access to return reasons and customer comments. With these two insights and the added value of the key metrics and statistics also gathered by the digital Saas platform, Grandpa can deep-dive into and identify the specific reasons for the returns, and improve their product assortments accordingly. 

After just a few weeks of sales, and based on feedback collected on yayloh, we changed a product description, resulting in a return rate reduction from 58% to 21%.

John Palm Wennerberg
E-commerce Manager at Grandpa 


Improve profitability

As a multi-brand retailer, Grandpa’s partnership with yayloh has helped identify which brands drive more returns. With this valuable information, Grandpa can feedback the brand and together strive for a world with lesser returns. This information also comes in handy when negotiating terms with brands and improve profitability. 

We get highly valuable insights into return reasons at product and brand level. This is an incredible analysis to prevent returns and identify unprofitable parts of the product portfolio.

John Palm Wennerberg
E-commerce Manager at Grandpa 

From providing an exciting omnichannel return platform to its customers to offering Grandpa first-hand data insights, yayloh helped the multi-brand retailer increase profitability and build a customer-centric business model that aligns with its sustainability values.

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